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A Creative Community space...used by talented professionals in various skilled trades. Photography, Graphic design, Art, Film, Health and Wellness
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The STUDIO founded by Sacha Park who is trained and experienced in many fields of studies, inspiring her to create the STUDIO a space that brings her passion and expertise under one roof.

Sacha started as an artist and sports women. Studied toastmasters and became junior ambassador for South Africa. Traveled abroad to Canada and studied drama, film, music, creative writing and fashion design. Returning to South Africa and furthering her studies at the School of Broadcasting. Worked in laser and light shows for big events, has  a passion for dance, music and studied photography while working in production for film and stills. She has always been motivated in two directions 1. her Creativity which led to her working in the entertainment industry in front of and behind the camera, locally and internationally 2. her Love for Health, Wellness and Spiritual Philosophy…she qualified as a spiritual councilor and Yoga teacher. Sacha continues her studies and has been exposed to many natural healing modalities to be able to help people find their way in a positive approach to life.

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Wedding Photography
Living in Cape Town and working Internationally I was more focused on fashion photography. Now living in St Francis and Cape St francis Bay I see a demand for Wedding Photography. I love to share special moments with people, capturing what they love and care about.
Graphic Design
Myself and Terri, are passionate about design and Love to help people realize thir goals and visions. Whats great about the internet is one can help anyone anywhere create their concept with just a few clicks.
The Studio
A large Space, where we have local artists exhibiting their work. Art classes and workshops for kids and adults. It's a photographic STUDIO and office for the design, film and photography. The space also has a spinning Studio and teachers who offer pilates, yoga, karate and taekwondo and convenient times of the day.

The Studio
Upstairs #10, Old Village Center
P: +27 (0) 71 484 5353
St Francis Bay

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    The Studio
    Upstairs #10 Old Village Center
    St Francis Drv
    St Francis Bay
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